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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  March 19, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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parking citations patrol officers are expected to issue every month. so you any at end of the month they pick up their enforcement? >> yes, day. >> reporter: the memo says there is not nor has there ever been a quota for traffic enforcement, but it also says consistently failing to attain these -- consistently failing to attain these goals could result in disciplinary action. it says there's not a quota. what do you think? >> it looks like a quota to me of. >> reporter: greg brice is here from d.c. today contesting a $45 parking ticket. you think it's wrong? >> i know it's wrong. yes it, is wrong that they're forced to make a quota you get your ticket any kind of way. they're forced to make a quote. >> reporter: you think that's why you got your ticket? >> i think. so. >> reporter: while it's understandable productivity standards need to be set by a police department it, can go too far says lon anderson of aaa. >> it can make a difference of setting quotas that can really
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damage the credibility of law enforcement. >> reporter: another concern of a memo is this one by deputy chief that directs officers to check the county box instead of the state box for violations so of that moneys collect go ahead to the county instead of the state. some people say that show has there is a quota system pushing officers to collect money. we asked for an interview with the police chief, but we were turned down. however, the public informations officer did tell us and send us a statement saying that this is just a cooperative effort that came from the staff up and in no way serves as a quota for enforcement. peggy fox, 9 news now. french investigators say the gun used in this morning's deadly shooting at a jewish school is the same gun used in shootings that killed three soldiers last week. in this morning's incident police say the gunman riding a motorbike started shooting just before the classes got started. bullets struck and killed a rabbi, his two young sons and another child. police are now trying to figure
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out a motive and if the shooting was a terror attack, but one of israel's top diplomats in france says the gunman's intentions were clear. >> the jewish school was a target. this is something that cannot be understood, how can you aim at children from a close range and kill them, innocent civilians? >> the french media says the soldiers killed last week were of arab descent in. both shootings the gunman escaped on a shooter and police have increased security at both jewish and muslim buildings in that area. the u.s. soldier arrested for killing 16 afghan civilians talked with his attorney for three hours today. it was the first time staff sergeant robert bales and seattle lawyer john henry brown had ever met. brown described their conversation as emotional and says it is totally different hearing about afghanistan from somebody who has actually been there. so far bales has not been charged in the shooting, but that could happen later this week.
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tomorrow voters in illinois will head off to the polls and make their pick for a republican presidential nominee and right now looks like a two- man race in the land of lincoln. the latest poll numbers show mitt romney lead being rick santorum by seven points and today the two front runners went head to head on the trail. >> i'm running for president in part because i have the experience and vision to get us out of this mess. >> you hear him talk about oh, i created jobs in the private sector, but he didn't do anything in massachusetts to create an environment for jobs. why? because he exploded the size and scale of government. >> ron paul and newt gingrich essentially skipped illinois. instead they're focusing on contests in the weeks to come. more and more students in maryland and virginia are graduating high school on time, but the number going to dropout factories is also increasing. that's all according to america's promised alliance. the children advocacy group released its annual high school
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graduation report in d.c. today and it showed the four year graduation rate in virginia is up 1.7% in the past decade to 78.4%. maryland was up as well just under 1/2 a percent 80.1, both under the national average, but both states also saw an increase in the number of students attending dropout factories, high schools where at least 60% of student don't graduate on time. america's promise alliance says that shows progress towards high irgraduation rates is just too slow. -- higher graduation rates is just too slow. a bethesda woman got a bill of over five grand for her water bill. turns out it was a mistake, but the water company then told her it could take six weeks for a refund. bruce leshan may have helped speed up that situation. >> $5,366. that's a lot of money. >> reporter: single mother of four, ann mcintyre neely planning from now on to keep a much closer eye on her water bill. >> they need to put that money
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back into my account right away of. >> reporter: she had failed to check her statement for the three winter months. she's on automatic bill pay, but then she noticed her bank account had evaporated. >> it really upset me. they just said it was a misread meter and this happens of. >> reporter: even more than the missing thousands, the response by call takers infuriated her. >> when am i going to get my money back? four to six weeks. they said the larger amount they owe me, the longer time it would take. if they owed me $50, i could get it back right away. >> reporter: the wssc insists these kind of mistakes are extremely rare that, they only mess up about 1/4 of 1% of meter readings. after our call the water company announced it would get mcintyre neely her refund by tuesday. bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> best news of the day is that last part. mcintyre immediately still can't figure out why it didn't set off alarm bells at the water company when her
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consumption went from 70 gallons a day to 4,120 gallons a day. d.c.'s inspector general says the city's water and sewer authority intentionally misled the epa about how it tested for lead in drinking water between 2001 and 2003. now back then high lead levels were found in d.c. water and it was blamed on a new chemical used during the treatment process. the levels went back down after the city changed that process, but the inspector general's report says wasa actually stopped testing in parts of the city where the high lead levels were in order to meet the epa goal. an agency spokesman told the washington examiner wasa had a leadership overhaul in 2009 and those past problems are not reflective of the current performance. you just knew it was going to happen. our warm weather bringing an early bloom for those cherry blossoms on the tidal basin. this what is it looked like down there this morning. look at that. the trees are in full bloom just in time for the national cherry blossom festival. the annual event kicks off
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tomorrow and this year it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the city of tokyo, japan giving 3,000 trees to our city. >> top, the weather for the start of the festival ought to be just about perfect because it sure was today. >> it's going to be pretty nice. you cannot rule out a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow, but we don't have high winds in the forecast, which is good. let me go ahead and show you the dates on the festival. it starts tomorrow, runs through april 27th. we're looking at the peak bloom now between now and march 23rd. as long as we don't get any high winds, we can have these blossoms on the trees up to two weeks. so get out and see them as soon as you can. right now we have no big winds in the forecast the next five to seven days. this is live doppler 9000. i've zoomed in so you can see berryville in upper village up 50 past aldie. that's a pretty big thunderstorm moving off south and east. you folks in upperville and aldie will get some heavy rain as it appears to weaken moving
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southeast. temperatures, 76 today downtown, 76 at dulles for a record, still 72 downtown, 70 in gaithersburg and 73 in manassas. for tonight partly to mostly cloudy, mild, a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, lows 50 to 56. we'll come back and talk about the prospects of fog tomorrow morning and tell you just how long it's going to stay on the warm side. >> thank you, top. manning mania, that is all over. the quarterback is now negotiating to join the denver broncos. according to multiple sources, peyton instructed his agent to intensify the negotiation with the broncos and barring a snag the deal will get done. that lands denver one of the nfl's most sought after free agents ever. manning's the league's only four-time mvp. he won super bowl xli and has amassed almost 55,000 yards in passing. that's third all time. so far no word on what the contract might entail. however, manning and elway discussed a five year $95
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million deal when they met on march 9th. coming up she's a four- legged hero credited with saving lives in some of our country's worse tragedies. now veterinarians try to make her life a little better. >> but first free condoms for middle schoolers, the school district who want to make that happen and parents fighting back up next.
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a school district in massachusetts soon could be giving condoms to kids as young as the age of 12. now this is in springfield and research there shows one out of four 12-year-olds say they've had sexual intercourse and by 9th grade it's one out of every two kids. well, a school committee has given preliminary approval to a program to let kids walk into the nurse's office and ask for a free condom. they'd also get counseling on abstinence and how to use said condom and the cons of having sex including pregnancy and disease. -- the consequence of having sex including pregnancy and disease. >> i don't think that's a good idea right now, maybe when they get a little older in high school, habit young. >> i really don't agree with it, but these days that's how it is. >> these days that's how it is he says. the policy needs a second vote before it's officially approved. okay, folks, condoms for 12- year-olds? that sounds awfully young. couldn't you argue it's an endorsement for what they're
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doing, that is, having sex or if one in four are already active is, it just a case of trying to shut the barn down before the horse is down the street and around the corner and gone? keep your thoughts coming into mcginty's mailbag. the address is mailbag at >> just another beautiful day in the neighborhood, but could it take a stormy turn for the beginning of spring. >> but first one of a kind procedure to save a one of a kind dog, the effort to keep this four-legged hero pain free, comfortable up next.
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back now with a heads up for anyone driving out to dulles airport tonight. starting at 9:30vdot will close the entire airport access road starting at interstate 495, the beltway, to crews can work on the express lanes. all the traffic needs to use the dulles toll road. drivers won't have to pay the toll since the airport road is closed. the lanes will reopen by 5 a.m. the same deal is in effect each night through thursday. s. after the attacks on 9/11 -- thursday. after the attacks on 9/11 search and rescue dogs help find victims in new york city, shanksville, pennsylvania and the pentagon. one of the last 9/11 dogs still alive is in annapolis and she received a groundbreaking new treatment to help her live out her life pain free of. >> reporter: head spent the
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last seven years of her life as a search and rescue dog in hurricane katrina, the la plata tornadoes and pentagon after 9/11. they credit them with finding 70% of the human remains. so that helped a whole lot of those families actually get closure. health romp is red's owner and handler. >> the last few months she's pretty much -- she'd like to be a couch potato, but she can't even get on the couch anymore. it would be nice if her arthritis, she felt better that she could do those kind of things that she misses of. >> reporter: today she brought red to the burke animal clinic for a free stem cell treatment, compliments of med vet america. >> this is a small something we can give back as a clinic to them sort of saying thanks for what you guys have done for us. we're taking fat from the side of red and then we'll spin it down, process it, extract the stem cells from there. >> reporter: red will get her first injection two hours after she wakes up from surgery. >> i know. it's going to be a long day. >> we've done about 28 dogs and
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of those dogs we've had about 75 to 80% of them have done very well. >> reporter: the doctor's own dog bradley is living proof. he got the same stem cell treatment one year ago. >> hopefully in two to three months she'll be more comfortable moving around wanting to play more. >> we have to note for you the two other 9/11 search and rescue dogs have also been treated with that stem cell therapy. both are doing well and resumed normal activity in their retirement. there is? seriously whacky with the weather this month. here in d.c. basking in the warmth of another 70-degree day. in arizona they're basking in this, heavy snowfall hit flagstaff today and shut down the interstate for a little while. other parts of arizona had a hailstorm. a lot closer to home an end to the ski season at pennsylvania's blue mountain ski area. they wrapped up with the traditional pond skimming contest. skiers and snowboarders raced down the mountain to try to
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skim over the pond. a lot of times they don't quite make it. if you, do you get a t-shirt and bragging rights. the price for not making it across, well, you get wet and the water is what we call icy. let's see if she makes it. come on, go, go, go, go! yes! >> very nice. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> well, 76 at dulles was a record high. >> wow. is it ever going to get cool again? >> not terribly cool, no. i think the horse is out of the barn as you said earlier. we're looking at temperatures tomorrow maybe the quite as warm, but a mild to warm week for the most part of the let's start with spring because i know it felt like spring but spring won't spring till tomorrow morning at 1:14 a.m. that happens when the sun gets directly over the equator and essentially it's equal day, equally night for each hemisphere. we, of course, go into spring in the northern hemisphere. they go into fall in the southern hemisphere. it occurs tomorrow morning bright and early at 1:14 in the
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morning. it's already been feeling like spring the past month. here's a live look outside with our live weather cam by michael and son. we're looking easterly. so the clouds aren't as dark, but there are some dark clouds off to the west. 72 now, winds out of the south, southeast at 9, pressure steady 30.13 inches of mercury. here's live doppler 9000, some showers getting into frederick weakening and some showers getting into loudoun can. there's one storm that's been hefty -- loudoun county. there's one storm that's been hefty, moved through winchester. the red is hail moving off to the south and east. over the next hour it will move southeastward, pretty much through upperville essentially down 17 headed toward the plains and holds together pretty well. you folks will have some heavy rain in the next hour right on 17 between upperville and also the plains. we'll keep you posted on that, nothing severe, but hefty
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storm. temperatures, 72 downtown, 71 bethesda and rockville, 68 in gaithersburg, get out the sweaters, 72 in great falls and springfield, 73 in college park. mild to warm all week, showers still possible tonight. the rest of the evening commute mainly dry except for out near i-81, some morning fog again possible and some showers possible for the morning commute, nothing heavy. in fact, late tonight 10:00, maybe some showers around the metro area, maybe heavier shower near hagerstown. we'll put this into motion. you'll see showers come and go, waves of showers, nothing particularly heavy. try to keep the umbrella handy tomorrow, walking to lunch might want to take it out, but nothing heavy rolls through the metro. we'll trade warm air, 70s, for the chance for showers and thunderstorms. that's a pretty good trade. partly to mostly cloudy tonight, mild, shower or thunderstorm possible, lows 50 to 56. now tomorrow in the morning some fog possible again, maybe a shower or storm, 50s and 60s
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to start and then by afternoon a little bit of sun, partly sunny and warm, shower or thunderstorm possible, highs 70 and 75. next seven days maybe not quite as warm wednesday, a shower possible, low 70s. then we bounce back up to the mid- to upper 70s on thursday and friday. a little better chance of showers and thunderstorms, too maybe a storm saturday, cooler sunday with some light rain or drizzle in the 60s, but then mid-60s monday with sunshine. so when we talk about cooler and 60s, you start at a good place. >> there's some lightning in that seven-day. we'll be back in a minute. >> that is a tradeoff. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag, the address mailbag at 9 news now will be right back.
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in the mailbag tonight distracted walking, the district's council to support ex hence had a report friday suggesting the city -- excellence had a report friday suggesting that the city out to outlaw talking on your mobile
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phone. we have a debate on this one on our facebook page where leshan says this is almost a daily occurrence when i enter the garage at my job that someone will step in front of my truck without looking because they're busy talking or texting. however, morgan says a new law may not be the answer for this. a simple fix to this and many other problems, say there is a way to determine if someone is going to do these kinds of things. okay. simply prevent those people from breathing, lol. funny, but dana is a lot more serious and says are they going to make absent-mindedness illegal now, too? what will the sentence be? they won't be happy till they put everyone in jail for some infraction. when will it end? stop it. dana, i'm with you. why is the default solution for every problem a new law? can we talk with people? can we convince folks to take responsibility for their on safety? at the end of the day we could make the argument if you are dumb enough to be talking on the phone or texting and you walk in front of a bus, that's
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on you. send your e-mails to me, mailbag at don't forget to include your name or join the conversation on the wusa9 facebook page. that it is our report. i'll be back here tonight at -- that is our report. i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 with anita brikman. log on any time you like to have a great evening. enjoy the weather. we'll see you later. bye bye.
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now "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. george clooney after his arrest. >> right now, it's just saving lives. >> his time behind bars. can he make a difference? >> i don't like policy, i can just make it louder. and then a decision in the desperate housewives trail today. what's next no for nicollette sheridan. the countdown to the big "dancing" premiere. we are inside the rehearsal. and then -- >> it's overwhelmingly incredible. >> charlize theron opens up about the baby boy she just adopted. plus, ashley judd on the rehab and recovery. and the stars of "american pie" then and now.


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